Radiant birth workshop


A practical, empowering and insightful workshop for pregnant women and their partners to prepare them on the journey to a safe, conscious and dare we say joyous birth.

Gain clarity as to what you wish to create for your labour & birth journey.

Challenge all the negative birth myths and join the peaceful revolution of birthing yourself as a mother, together as a family and give your baby the gift of a conscious birth.


Inspired by THE TEACHINGS OF YOGI BHAJAN & Michel odent

Taught by Siri Hari - Kundalini Yoga Senior Teacher & Trainer.


The Radiant Birth workshop is an amazing tool of self-awareness that teaches mothers to flow, relax and enjoy their pregnancy and prepare for their baby’s birth.

The workshop includes ancient & modern wisdom that will empower and educate you & your partner with the understanding of eastern and western physiology and philosophy of birth.

Pregnancy and birth are paramount events in a woman’s life, a real physical experience of a woman’s creativity. It is both a blessing and a responsibility to become a mother and the first teacher to a new life.  Many women are so driven to be always the best at all they do, that they find themselves struggling to have the perfect pregnancy & birth. This is detrimental not only to their wellbeing and sanity but also their babies. 

By practicing the prenatal yoga postures the woman’s body will remain relaxed while many special asanas will encourage the baby to get into optimal position for birth. The breathing techniques will improve oxygenation of blood and in turn enhance the wellbeing of the mother. The baby will learn from her mother’s breathing patterns how to breathe, thus learning correct breathing patterns from the womb. The practice of meditation will allow for the most beautiful bonding experience of mother and baby. 

The benefits of practicing Kundalini Yoga before, during and after pregnancy are incommensurable and soul fulfilling for mother and child. 


  • Understanding birth and the essential needs of women in labour.

  • How hormones in labour can be your most powerful ally, and how to encourage optimal production.

  • Creating the birth you want and desire, how to get clear in your mind about the birth you want.

  • Mind, emotion, sound and movement. Inner resources for birth. Transform worries, fears and pain.

  • How to create a positive birth experience regardless of where you are birthing.

  • Demystifying Optimal Fetal Positioning.

  • Exploring the 4 stages of birth, what contractions actually are from a biomechanical perspective and how to work with them.

  • Skills and techniques for your birth partner, what they need to know to support you mentally, physically and emotionally at every stage.

  • How to breathe for birth to remain calm and relaxed through every stage

  • Hypnosis techniques to step out of your own way during birth!.

  • Preparing your body for birth.. Essential Prenatal Exercises and Mindful movement

    to gently stretch & soften.

  • Postpartum. Welcoming your baby home.

  • The first 40 days

  • Conscious parenting, the first 9 months and beyond.



Brisbane: Sunday 26 August

10am - 3pm



Alexandra Di Cecco / Siri Hari – Birth educator, Women's Yoga Specialist, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, Transpersonal Counsellor & mother of two. 

'It is a blessing to share these wonderful teachings and insights with as many couples as possible. To see them leave confident, uplifted and with all the tools they need to have the birth they dream of and deserve.' Siri Hari

Alexandra has studied & practiced yoga for over 25 years, she has been a Hatha & Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2002 and a Pregnancy Yoga and Womens Yoga Specialist since 2004.

A happy mother of two sons. Alexandra has experienced first hand the amazing benefits that yoga and the ancient yogic techniques provide woman through pregnancy, birth and in the every day challenges of mothering. 

Alexandra Di Cecco trained on Pregnancy Yoga at the famous Golden Bridge studio in Los Angeles USA, with the renowned teacher Gurumukh, author of “Beautiful, Bountiful & Blissful”; she is passionate about peaceful birth practices and continues to learn and develop programs to help women have the birth of their dreams.

This unique course will touch your heart.


Spaces are strictly limited. Book in advance to avoid disappointment; If you haven't done any Kundalini Yoga before, this is the perfect workshop to start with your practice. Wear comfy clothes. 

Delicious complete vegetarian salads and chai tea are provided.



$195 single / $325 per couple