Everyday Radiance

As humans we have a choice to be reborn every day, to choose if we face the day in fear or love.. when we choose love, self-love then we connect with our divine right to be happy and radiant.

I have found no better way to do this than to simply sit in meditation.. when we allow for the mind to rest and the body to relax slowly all our energetic bodies recalibrate, you will find your breath changes and time slows down.

The following meditation is so simple yet powerful and will help you connect with your innate radiance!

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Kundalini Moon Woman: A woman's body is a woman's temple

I want to share with you a sacred yogic tool to transform your body and mind, this is a sacred Kriya shared by Yogi Bhajan specifically for women: THE WOMAN’S SET.

I have practiced this kriya as my personal sadhana many times and every time I connect with it in a different way and every time my body just loves it. It has been my go to set from the very beginning of my kundalini yoga journey and it will continue to be for the time to come!

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What are the Kundalini Moon Centers?

The 11 moon centers are energetic areas in the body relate to specific qualities and characteristics of being a woman.

The specific characteristics are shared amongst all women but we all experience them in a different way. They affect the way we see life almost as if we wearing 11 pair of glasses tinting our reality differently depending on which moon we are in!

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