This unique Pregnancy Yoga class will provide safe, simple and effective exercises designed to relax and strengthen your rapidly changing body and prepare you for easier childbirth. Come and share your experience with other women as you relax through yoga & meditation.  


As you breathe, so your child learns his/her breathing pattern.   If you are tense or stressed, your breath will be tense and your child will feel it.  In your womb your child feels and hears all your physical, mental & emotional internal processes.   If you practice yoga and meditation, you will be more relaxed, your breath will be soft and smooth, and your baby will interpret the world in this way and will learn to be this way.    


During the 9 months of pregnancy your body will go through many changes.  You will experience your greatest flexibility due to the release of a hormone called  “relaxin”; the hormone that will help your pelvis naturally open up during childbirth.   You can take advantage of this enhanced flexibility to learn to know your body through the practice of pregnancy yoga, and you can choose to maintain this flexibility  & strength through your whole life through the ongoing practice of yoga.   


It is normal you to feel emotional through pregnancy as many hormonal and physical changes are taking place.   The practice of pregnancy yoga and meditation will assist you in regaining your self-confidence and courage, it will prepare your body, mind and soul for the greatest event in life: birth.    You will feel more relaxed, calm & secure within your self.    


We will focus on breath exercises and synchronized movement to allow for your body to open, relax and strengthen.   Most importantly we will work on getting your mind fit through relaxation and meditation techniques.   

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About your teacher:  

Alexandra has studied & practiced yoga for over 30 years, she has been a Hatha & Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2002 and a Pregnancy Yoga teacher since 2004, she is a Kundalini Yoga & Classical Yoga Teacher Trainer. 

A happy mother of two. Alexandra has experienced first hand the amazing benefits that yoga and the ancient yogic techniques provide woman through pregnancy, birth and in the every day challenges of mothering.  Alexandra has trained extensively on Pregnancy Yoga and was initially inspired by the renowned teacher Gurumukh, author of “Beautiful, Bountiful & Blissful” who she trained with 12 years ago at the famous Golden Bridge studio in Los Angeles USA. Alexandra is a also a Transpersonal Counselor, Childbirth educator and Hypnobirthing Practitioner, she is passionate about peaceful birth practices and continues to learn and develop programs to help women have the birth of their dreams.


Pregnancy and birth are paramount events in a woman’s life , a real physical experience of a woman’s creativity. It is both a blessing and a responsibility to become a mother and the first teacher to a new life.  Many women are so driven to be always the best at all they do, that they find themselves struggling to have the perfect pregnancy. This is detrimental not only to their wellbeing and sanity but also their babies.  Pregnancy yoga is an amazing tool of self-awareness that teaches mothers to flow, relax and enjoy their pregnancy.  By practicing the gentle postures the body remains relaxed while many special asanas will encourage the baby to get into position. The exercises will not only strengthen the mother’s body but also her mind preparing her for a more harmonious birth.  The breathing techniques will improve oxygenation of blood and in turn enhance the wellbeing of the mother. The baby will learn from her mother’s breathing patterns how to breathe, thus learning correct breathing patterns from the womb.  The practice of meditation will allow for the most beautiful bonding experience of mother and baby.  The benefits of practicing Yoga before, during and after pregnancy are incommensurable and soul fulfilling for mother and child.  Join us, open your heart to your baby, to yourself and to other expecting mothers. 

RADIANT BIRTH Pregnancy Yoga taught is extremely safe. We believe pregnancy is a time to connect with your baby and enjoy this wonderful experience, our focus will be on breath and gentle movement.   We do recommend you consider the following guidelines as reminders that pregnancy is not a time to push yourself physically.  


  • If it has been a long time since you exercised, start slowly   

  • You will be naturally flexible during pregnancy due to the hormone relaxin, be careful not to overstretch    

  • If you have never practiced yoga or have practiced very little before your pregnancy, you should practice only prenatal yoga while pregnant.    

  • During the first trimester both beginning and experienced yogis should only do a gentle practice or none at all, as the fetus is still implanting and the risk of miscarriage is highest.    

  • After 20 weeks of pregnancy, avoid doing any exercises in your back   

  • Avoid any exercise or movement that compresses your abdomen   

  • Pumping of the navel is to be avoided while pregnant    

  • No breath of fire or root lock is to be practiced while pregnant   

  • Do not do inversions, twists, or jumps during pregnancy particularly in your first trimester   

  • Avoid any kind of breath retention or hyperventilation that could limit the baby's oxygen supply.   

  • Avoid brisk exercises in hot, humid weather or when you are sick with a fever   

  • Wear comfortable natural fiber clothing that will help you remain cool   

  • Wear a bra that fits well and provides lots of support   

  • Drink plenty of water to help you from overheating and dehydrating   

  • Make sure you consume an extra 300 calories a day during your pregnancy to keep your baby healthy   

  • Eat small snacks to keep your blood sugar levels stable, eat a light meal or snack about an hour before class, drink plenty of liquids, and don't push yourself   

  • While exercising, pay attention to your body; do not exercise to the point that you are exhausted.

Be aware of the warning signs that you might be exercising too strenuously:    Pain  Vaginal bleeding  Dizziness or feeling faint  Increased shortness of breath  Rapid heart beat  Difficulty walking  Uterine contractions and chest pain  Fluid leaking from the vagina 

Contact your doctor if you experience any of these warning signs       

By being aware and respectful of your body you will gain the best effects from the class. Enjoy!     

Note. Before starting this or any other exercise program consult your doctor.