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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


would you like to teach pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy and birth are paramount events in a woman’s life , a real physical experience of a woman’s creativity. It is both a blessing and a responsibility to become a mother and the first teacher to a new life. 

Many women are so driven to be always the best at all they do, that they find themselves struggling to have the perfect pregnancy. This is detrimental not only to their wellbeing and sanity but also their babies. 

Pregnancy yoga is an amazing tool of self-awareness that teaches mothers to flow, relax and enjoy their pregnancy.  By practicing the gentle postures the body remains relaxed while many special asanas will encourage the baby to get into position.

The exercises will not only strengthen the mother’s body but also her mind preparing her for a more harmonious birth.  The breathing techniques will improve oxygenation of blood and in turn enhance the wellbeing of the mother. The baby will learn from her mother’s breathing patterns how to breathe, thus learning correct breathing patterns from the womb.  The practice of meditation will allow for the most beautiful bonding experience of mother and baby. 

The benefits of practicing Yoga before, during and after pregnancy are incommensurable and soul fulfilling for mother and child.  Join us, open your heart to your baby, to yourself and to other expecting mothers. 



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