The KRI Level One Aquarian Teacher Training Program is a 220 hour professional certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

A unique, life-changing experience taught in melbourne- victoria. AAA Level 1 Teacher Training, Certified by The Kundalini Research Institute.

2019 - 2020

lead trainers: Sat Sarbat kaur & Satmukh Singh



Purpose of this training:

  • Obtain a Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certificate recognized worldwide.

  • Immerse yourself into the science of Kundalini Yoga and acquire the competencies to use this systemic and holistic technology.

  • Connect to a lineage of yogis whose teachings are from a thousand years Himalayan tradition, through the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the link to the Golden Chain.

  • Develop the skills, confidence and consciousness required to become a teacher and to be able to hold a space of teachings by strengthening your inner reference point.

  • Experience a personal transformative process within a group through the practice of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and related lifestyle.

  • Develop a relationship with other participating students, local teachers, and the 3HO community.

Structure of the training

The training is structured in 3 modules that we call “Foundation”, “The Self” and “5 Elements”.  The modules are held every year and you can start at the beginning of any given module.


  • Oriental physiology: the 8 chakras, the 5 pranas, Kundalini energy 

  • Cosmic and human cycles of life 

  • Ladder of subtlelty 

  • The Mind and its 81 facets 

  • Different kind of meditations: Celestial Communication, Healing, Sat Nam Rasayan, Gong, … 

  • Patanjali Sutras & Pratyahar 

  • Science of mantras and Shabd Guru (2) 

  • Mental health 

  • Kundalini Yoga postures and dynamic of the kriyas (2) 

  • Western anatomy


  • Yogic philosophy and roots of Kundalini Yoga (lineage of Yogis and Sikh Dharma)

  • Oriental physiology: the system of the 10 bodies

  • Numbers: introduction to the Tantric Numerology 

  • Science of mantras and Shabd Guru (1)

  • Breathing techniques: the science of pranayama 

  • Kundalini Yoga postures and dynamic of the kriyas (1)

  • Mudras and locks 

  • Preparation of a class, communication & pedagogy 

  • Humanology: life cycles, death and soul journey


• Humanology: yogic lifestyle & diet 
• Physical health 
• Karma and Dharma 
• Experience the 5 elements 
• Spiritual path, the 5 padas 
• The role of the Teacher / Code of Ethic & Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers 
• The art of being a teacher: Poke, Provoke, Confront, Elevate

2019 Course Dates

Each course comprises three modules. The 3 modules are usually be completed within one year. You can start with any of the modules and complete the missed module the following year. AAA Teacher Training is also offered in Sydney and Brisbane. 


3 monthly weekend non-residential in Hawthorn - Melbourne

July Sat 27/ Sun28

August Sat 10/ Sun 11

Sept Sat 7/ Sun 8  

We start at 9am on Saturday and finish at 6pm on the Sunday.


12 to 19 October 2019 residential retreat - Noosa Hinterlands, Sunshine Coast

We start at 10am on the first day and finish at 4pm on the last day.


November 2019 - Sun 24

February 2020- Sat 15/Sun16

April 2020 - Thur 23 to Sun 26 (residential retreat - Daylesford, Victoria)

For further info please contact Siri Hari 0449 213 943 or email


About our Trainers




Sat Sarbat Karur and Satmukh Singh are the Founders of the Ajai Alai Awakening International School of Kundalini Yoga. They have a wealth of knowledge and have been training teachers internationally for more than ten years. They are the lead AAA trainers in Asia, Europe and Australia. 

Sat Sarbat is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. Sat Sarbat expanded her experience around Yogi Bhajan's teachings, by following several trainings, such as Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Numerology, Conscious Pregnancy, and Children Yoga.

One of the perks of being part of a yoga community is being around the delightful wonder that is the male yogi. Satmukh Singh is inspired by other spiritual practices and techniques as Gurdjieff movements, Tantric Numerology, Non- Violent Communication, Shamanic Ecstatic Postures and healing tools as the Journey and the Psychogenealogy. He is based in China and travels internationally sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.



Siri Hari was introduced to yoga at a young age, she has over 15 years experience as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer.

Siri Hari has a gentle and joyful nature, her classes are uplifting and energetic. During her time as a teacher she has further developed her learning and has studied Ayurveda, Aromatherapy & is an advanced Pranic Healer. She also has a deep interest in philosophy and psychology and has furthered her studies by becoming a Transpersonal Counselor, her wish is to share these teachings each day inside and outside the classroom, she believes we need to be the change we want to see in the world. She aims to live her life in the most authentic way.

Siri Hari has a deep calling to uplift women on their journey, she has delved deeply into Yogi Bhajan’s teachings for women, she is an experienced Prenatal Yoga teacher, Childbirth educator and Children’s yoga teacher. She developed the Radiant Birth program based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, the program has helped hundreds of women experience harmonious and conscious births. Siri Hari has owned and operated Yoga Studios and is a member of the Board of the Kundalini Yoga Festival and Kundalini Yoga Collective in Australia. She is the organiser for Ajai Alai Awakening Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne where she teaches regular classes and workshops. 

You are very special. Your legacy books will not carry, but your legacy will be carried in the hearts of those whose lives you build by giving them the strength to face their own tomorrow unto victory.
Yogi Bhajan 3/3/98

Why train with AAA?

AAA is a school of life and programs are designed to help students transform and reach a higher level of consciousness. We do not aim at big numbers for the sake of business, but aim at students’ growth. This is why we have high standards and expectations and do not consider that the teachings are for everyone.

You have to qualify yourself. Sometimes we hear that our school is strict. This is an evaluation based on how much you want to give yourself and which chances of growth you want to face: do you want to live a life in your comfort zone and keep being a victim of outside events, or do you want to do a life at your highest potential, one that has a deep meaning for you, your ancestors and the generations after you?

We strive to give students what they need rather that what they want. The difference is between the ego (who wants) and the soul (who needs). Students who have done the teacher training with us learn to love themselves, to serve others, to recognize their patterns and change them. They are happier, more relaxed, more loving and tolerant, and can help their family to do the same.

Our way of teaching is creative, alive (we laugh a lot!) and adapted to the participants and their needs. You will be invited to participate actively all along the training. During the training (between the modules) and after the training, you will be part of study groups. These study groups are lead by TNTs (Trainers in Training) or students currently registered in Level 2 programs. These meetings will give you an opportunity to share your experience, reflect and integrate your process. It is also a place to apply the teachings at the level of the community, by being authentic in a group, by learning how to listen and communicate, and by being inspired by others.

The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certification

The Kundalini Yoga T˺EٽToUtx_j\ered by the Kundalini Research Institute. It will give you access to IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, funded by Yogi Bhajan), which guarantees the competencies of the Level 1 Trainers, the validity of the certification and its worldwide recognition. 

A final written exam will be organized at the end of the training to validate your certified diploma by KRI. 

The total program takes at least 220 hours, dividing in about 140 hours of class sessions (including class presentations, teachings and teacher guided Q&A and peer group discussions), 40 hours of assignments, homework and preparation, and at least 40 hours of personal practice. 


 Includes: course fees, all meals, accommodation, and all course materials.

Registration payment and form must be received to reserve your place.  

Course Payments are made in instalments as per the table below by Direct Bank Transfer, you will receive all the relevant payment information upon registration.

Please read our terms and conditions before making your payment.

Early-bird $5,450

Paid in full upon registration.

Full price: $5,600 

$1,300 in registration; $4,300 - 60 days before your first day of class.

Instalment payment option: $5,800 

$1,300 in registration; 9 monthly payments of $500 starting the month after registration.

Concession Rate: $5,450 (Student ID/government Health Care card)

$1,300 in registration; 9 monthly payments of $461 starting the month after registration

OR Price per Module: $1,900  - in full 30 days before the first day of the training module.

Teachers choosing to repeat their Level 1 course receive a 50% discount on the course fee component of the total cost.

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